This man is an angel. He is the best surgeon that one can ever hope for. I had some extensive work done, including an abdominalpasty and aside from the result being more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, he was by my side from beginning to end. Dr D isn’t just there to do a job, he goes the extra mile and you can tell his career is his vocation, passion not simply a job. He cares about his patients as though they were family. The entire experience with Medispa has been just outstanding, Cynthia, Annick , grace, everyone is just warm welcoming and very very on the ball and organized. Sura, his assistant at the jewish is also very kind. Dr D knew how afraid I was going under general anesthesia and he held my hand in the OR until I went to sleep. He lightened the mood, made jokes and really honestly made me feel so safe. Every time he enters the room he’s pleasant, sweet and very caring. He knows his work and I wouldn’t have gone to anyone else. If you are blessed enough to have him as your plastic surgeon you can rest easy knowing he is a master at his craft. The results will leave you shocked. My tummy tuck didn’t even include Lipo and the results are just spectacular. He gave me a beautiful silhouette a super clean incision and a gorgeous belly button. I’m very picky on belly button reconstruction when it comes to tummy tucks and he made me a belly button that looks completely natural and not just “a dent on a wall”. This man is heaven sent. He fixed extensive issues and always went above and beyond his call of duty. Highly recommend would be an understatement. He’s the best of the best. Dr. D, I can’t thank you enough!!!
What can I say other than Dr. Tassos Dionisopoulos is the best Plastic surgeon anyone can ask for. The moment I stepped into his clinic (Medispa) I knew that I was going to have an excellent consultation. Annick their client Care Coordinator is such a gem, she always took the time to hear my worries or concerns every time I called. The day of my consultation Dr. D told me everything I needed to hear with honesty and transparency. Initially I went in thinking I would get submuscular teardrop shaped implants because it is what most women are doing at this time. Instead, Dr. D suggested that I go with round smooth subglandular implants (which was not what I had in mind at all). After he examined my breast and talked to me about my active lifestyle he thoroughly explained the risks and complications to both placements. Ultimately he would have gone with whatever I felt most comfortable with. Still not 100 % sold on the idea of going subglandular he was kind enough to see me a second time in his office. We had discussed other options like dual - plan etc, but during my pre- op he still believed that going over the muscle was best for me, seeing as he is the profession I took his advice. I was worried at first because I have a slim/ muscular body and did not want my augmentation to look too obvious. Now three days post op I can not be HAPPIER with his decision. First of all I recovered so quickly, the overall experience was almost painless. Second, I am happy that he took into consideration my active lifestyle and made me realized I would need to compromise certain workout routines (which I think deep down he and I knew I would not be able to do) if we would have gone submuscular. This is a doctor who really takes the time to get to know his patience, what their lives are like and what implant best suits them all while achieving their desired look. The day of surgery I felt like I was in the most well kept, beautifully, clean and professional clinic. The staff surpassed my expectations. Everyone from the women at the front desk, to the nurses, and anesthesiologist just made me feel completely at home and relaxed. I can’t wait to see the outcome once my breast begin to heal. It was such a joy having Dr. D as my surgeon he really is the best, trust his advice this man certainly knows what he is talking about, there is a reason why he is CHIEF plastic surgeon at the jewish. THANK YOU Dr. D and your amazing team!
After two pregnancies and loosing 98 pounds, I was in the best shape ever in my life! Unfortunately, no matter how much I toned and exercised, I had to deal with so much loose skin. I then took the initiation to speak with my family doctor. Finally with a referral, I had met Dr. Dionisopoulos! By the way, this was 12 years ago which he had performed a mammoplasty reduction and a breast augmentation for me. I had so much loose skin that if I had only done a reduction, I wouldn't have had breasts. The out come from the surgery was awesome!!! I was so happy to finally feel comfortable in my body. This year 2017, I had finally taken care of my flabby tummy...no more saggy tummy...it's flat as a board!! Dr. D is funny, kind, caring, and informative. He and his staff are very supportive and take great care of their patience. Thank you Dr. D for giving me my new body and my self-esteem back!
I recently had a tummy tuck operation with Dr Dionisopoulos after having researched and visited many other doctors. I immediately felt comfortable with him; he was very knowledgeable and he answered all my questions. The procedure went very well and his follow up was extraordinary; he took the time to call me and any time I had questions, his staff with quick to answer my concerns. All in all, a great doctor. Throughout the process the whole staff was very friendly, helpful and professional. One of the best clinics I have ever visited and the end results exceeded my expectations.
Dr. Dionisopoulos is the best surgeon that one can ever hope for and a true master of his craft. My tummy tuck didn’t even include Lipo and the results are just spectacular. He gave me a beautiful silhouette a super clean incision and a gorgeous belly button. I’m very picky on belly button reconstruction when it comes to tummy tucks and he made me a belly button that looks completely natural and not just “a dent on a wall”. He Highly recommend would be an understatement. He’s the best of the best.
Dr Dionisopoulos really is a very talented doctor, I had visited many doctors prior and I felt the most comfortable with him, he was very knowledgeable took the time to answer my questions and made me feel I was good hands, and he was definitely true to his word, he took good care during and post procedure, I am more than pleased with the results and he diligently followed up with me post procedure. Overall I really enjoyed being a patient there, he did an amazing job and his whole staff was very professional.
From booking the consultation to the follow up appointments, Dr. Dionisopoulos and his staff took wonderful care of me. The staff was very attentive to my needs. Appointments and consultation were easily booked. The procedure itself went very well, and I was back at work two weeks after. It was a lot less painful then I originally envisioned.
I had a great experience! Any time I had questions, I called or emailed the clinic and they answered me right away. The follow up appointments were quick, with barely any wait time. Dr. Dionisopoulos and the Medispa staff were great to work with! They are all super friendly, warm, and flexible. I should have done this surgery 5 years ago! This surgery was worth every penny and changed my entire life. If you are on the fence, book a consultation and you'll have all the info you need to make the right decision for you.


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